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Institutional Services

For many institutions, ETFG Institutional Services is an "outsourced ETF research solution" and a primary source for ETF data and analysis.  For those asset managers and institutions with a dedicated ETF research area, ETFG Institutional Services augments these firms' internal ETF research and provides specialization and a unique, objective perspective on a variety of fronts.  

ETFG provides two levels of data access for institutions:

ETFG Data Distribution Interface (DDI):  The ETFG DDI allows sophisticated users to access and download proprietary and industry information in easily readable files within a workable format. The ETFG DDI delivers the most actively requested reports and data from the ETFG electronic database. This interface is enabled and accessed from the Institutional Services tab at and is a favorite amongst middle market type clients.  Below please find a brief overview of the reports and analyses currently available to dowload via the ETFG DDI:

ETFG Daily Data Feeds:  Each day through its daily data feeds, ETFG provides the broadest spectrum of proprietary and industry Exchange-Traded Fund data. Throughout the world's institutional financial services community, this subscription has become invaluable to institutional asset managers (alternative and traditional) and asset owners. Each day ETFG's data feeds are actively utilized by portfolio management teams, research departments and solutions groups. Additionally, ETFG Institutional Services fulfills unique and customized institutional client inquiries.

28(e) Eligible:  ETF Global research and services may be paid for in commission dollars in accordance with the “safe harbor” provisions provided for under Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

For more information, please call ETFG Institutional Services at (212) 223-3834 or