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About ETFG University

ETF Global University (ETFGU) is the online educational platform of ETF Global.  Our goal at ETFGU, is to deliver the most value added content in the financial and investment education arena.  The ETFGU Learning System combines dynamic video, podcast lectures, online assessments, one-on-one training and many other aspects of the learning process in real-time. 

Throughout the ETF Global diverse course offerings, ETFGU provides investors the potential to achieve expert command of the global investment spectrum while earning achievement certificates and competency designations as they succeed.  ETFGU's multi-tiered, modular learning system is driven by “Best Practices” and ranges from Beginner to Expert levels of learning.  The ETF Global cutting-edge courses are delivered online and augmented by individual tutoring, one-on-one coaching, oral and written exams, as well as, self assessments at the conclusion of each lesson.  ETFGU Final Exams are administered online at the conclusion of each Learning Module.

ETFGU also offers learning paths which are Thematic and combine identified, life-stage events with an individual or family’s risk tolerance and investment needs.  Thematic courses include such learning modules as Retirement Planning and Investing, Estate Planning, Tax Advantaged Investing and Education Funding.  

All ETFGU courses are built with the ETFG “Know Your Customer” ethos to ensure students never get in over their respective heads.  ETFGU courses pave the way for investors to master the inner workings of all the major asset classes; equities, fixed income and commodities in order to develop actionable investment and trading strategies which will be tailored to each of their respective learning efforts.

ETF Global courses have been developed and are instructed by trained industry experts on staff at ETFGU.  ETFG courses are featured within the platform of the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA), the oldest and largest member society of the CFA Institute.

For questions or inquiries regarding the ETFGU, please contact our education support desk at